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    Henry Benner, PhD

    Founder, CEO

    Henry Benner has introduced new analytical instruments and methodologies into the fields of aerosol science, cholesterol testing, the Human Genome Project, coherent x-ray diffraction imaging and point-of-care-diagnostics for the Lawrence Berkeley Lab, the Lawrence Livermore Lab, and the SLAC National Laboratory. His innovations have been described in numerous publications, patents, an R & D 100 Award and were featured on the covers of Analytical Chemistry and Nature Physics. He has published more than 85 peer-reviewed scientific papers and has 20 patents.

    Mike Bogan, PhD

    Director of Development

    Entreprenurial scientist and inventor. Before IonDx, Mike had stints at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Stanford University/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. A Salesforce.com solution architect with Traction On Demand, Mike drives the IonDx customer experience. Mike has an h-index of 35 with >60 publications including, Science, Nature, PNAS and 5 patents.

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