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    Example Project: IonDx Discovery - Biotherapeutic Characterization

    Analyze singly charged protein samples (eg. monoclonal antibodies mAbs) by native electrospray ToF-ToF ion mobility using the IonDx platform. ~0.1 mg/ml required

    -Data analysis and interpretation of results
    -Scientific collaboration & Powerpoint presentation of results via web conferencing or on-site
    -Scientific report
    -Raw data files


    Key outcomes:

    1) Provide you with sufficient evidence to evaluate IonDx technology for mAb characterization in light of molecular discovery & process development applications

    2) Demonstrate IonDx’s ability to differentiate between denatured and non-denatured mAbs

    3) To provide data to justify expanding partnership with IonDx to the analysis of samples of proprietary mAbs and other macromolecules with MW ranging from 20kDa to 10MDa

    Prices vary per sample

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