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    Analyzing your Big Molecules

    Bring them to us INTACT, leave the fragments to the rest.

    IonDx characterization of polymers for monitoring supply chain quality


    Measure higher order structures

    Polymer conformations are related to physical properties like viscosity, and polymer-surfactant/ligand molecular interactions.


    IonDx can differentiate structure variants/conformations not readily obtained with current analytical tools.


    We will help to improve your process stream, monitor supply chain quality, or just get a better understanding of your macromolecules.

    IonDx comparability characterization of biopharmaceuticals differentiates conformation changes

    Biotherapeutic Drugs

    Intact Biologic Characterization

    A protein's higher order structure can be changed by: PTMs, different cell lines, expression systems, growth conditions, changes in purification strategies, and more.


    IonDx measures:


    Drug Variants

    Material Compatibility

    Internal & External Comparability

    Antibody-Drug Conjugates

    Forced Degradation

    IonDx macromolecule analytical services

    Your Big Molecules

    You have them, we measure them

    We can tackle any of your macromolecule challenges. Lipoprotein particles, viruses, liposomes and nanomaterials for non-biological complex drugs have all been characterized using our mobility technology.


    We love a challenge!

  • Your Electrospray Ion Mobility Experts

    We are a customer-centric analytical services laboratory equipped with disruptive BIG molecule technology

    1. Design

    Bring us your biggest challenge

    We plan your project as a seamless extension of your team, leveraging insights from our past projects. We thrive on tackling your analytical challenges involving macromolecules. We collaborate.

    2. Sample Preparation

    Getting the most out of your BIG molecules

    Leverage our decades of experience electrospraying intact biomacromolecules to get the best biophysical fingerprints for your comparability studies.

    3. IonDx: Your Biophysical Fingerprint

    On demand DIRECT higher order structure

    Supplement your protein's biophysical fingerprint with IonDx's intact protein diagnostics. IonDx's value proposition provides gas-phase cross-sectional area of intact macromolecules. IonDx offers DIRECT higher order structure characterization, similar x-ray crystallography, NMR, cryo-EM, or SAXS. Unlike the other direct methods, IonDx's ion mobility spectrometer is compatible with high-throughput automated process development settings. We unravel conformational variability of biotherapeutic drug batches faster than existing indirect methods – providing cost-saving insights into batch purity & stability. Not only do we measure conformation - we also measure variation in conformation.

    4. Data Analysis

    Customer-centric science

    Our proprietary IonDx biophysical fingerprints give you unique insight to stay ahead of the competition. Your raw data will be hosted in secure cloud storage where you can readily access it from your IonDx portal. Through proprietary data sharing, scientific collaboration, invoice management, a knowledgebase portal and case reporting, our customer community moves projects at your pace, and often even faster.

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