• Leadership Team

    Henry Benner, PhD

    Founder, CEO

    Henry Benner has introduced new analytical instruments and methodologies into the fields of aerosol science, cholesterol testing, the Human Genome Project, coherent x-ray diffraction imaging and point-of-care-diagnostics for the Lawrence Berkeley Lab, the Lawrence Livermore Lab, and the SLAC National Laboratory. His innovations have been described in numerous publications, patents, an R & D 100 Award and were featured on the covers of Analytical Chemistry and Nature Physics. He has published more than 85 peer-reviewed scientific papers and has 20 patents.

    Mike Bogan, PhD

    Technology Adviser

    Entreprenurial scientist and inventor. Before IonDX, Mike had stints at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Stanford University/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. A Salesforce.com solution architect helping grow Traction On Demand from 35 to >700 employees and attaining Deloitte Fast 500 status. Mike has worked with over 400 companies to design their digital transformations. Mike drives the IonDX customer experience. Mike has an h-index of 35 with >60 publications including, Science, Nature, PNAS and 5 patents.

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    Marilyn J. Thompson

    Chief Financial Officer

    Marilyn is an experienced business development executive with over 24 years of experience in the biotech, pharma, medical device/software and 3D scanning sectors. Marilyn owns and is managing partner for Accounting & Business Solutions of Eastern Carolina, LLC.
    She has served as a Controller, Director of Finance, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer with oversight of Accounting, Finance and Business Operations. She has extensive experience in new business and has served as a consultant to over 50 start-up companies. Marilyn has managed millions of dollars in NIH and NSF funded grants and continues to consult with companies concerning grant funding.


    Ananya Dubey Kelsoe

    Executive Director of Business Development

    Ananya Dubey Kelsoe has over 15 years of experience within the lifesciences instrumentation market, having held senior sales, business development and field marketing roles at Waters Corporation. While at Waters, she successfully managed and helped expand its liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry and consumables biopharmaceutical businesses within the Americas. Following her departure from Waters, she was an adviser at Intabio Inc., an early stage lifesciences instrumentation company where she helped the team with customer engagement and collaboration strategies. She is an established lifesciences business leader and is sought after for consultation across the industry. As Executive Director of Business Development, she leads customer outreach, B2B partnerships, product marketing and strategic business planning.ere.

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  • Careers

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    Current Open Positions


    Chemical Laboratory Technician

    IonDx is an innovative life sciences start-up company that has invented ion mobility spectrometers and is now undergoing product development. Our instruments will be used to determine the molecular conformation of biotherapeutic proteins, such as monoclonal antibodies, as part of product characterization and quality control. We are currently receiving samples from global biotech companies who require reproducible and relevant data to evaluate our technology. We are a small, agile company and you will be expected to become a key player in the commercialization of the first product.
    JOB TITLE: Chemical Laboratory Technician
    JOB DESCRIPTION: The technician will use protein analytical chemistry knowledge and our ion mobility spectrometers to analyze proteins under the supervision of the technical staff. The technician will generate data, prepare summary reports of the data and maintain the instruments. Generation and assessment of high-quality data is expected. This is a full-time entry level position.
    CORE RESPONSIBILITIES: • Adhere to standard operating procedures • Maintain records to assure sample custody and integrity • Operate instruments safely according to guidelines • Establish reliable manual techniques for sample preparation • Perform instrument calibration checks • Produce analytical results
    QUALIFICATIONS: • BS in Chemistry or Biochemistry or equivalent experience • Class work includes course(s) in analytical chemistry • Passionate desire to do good science • Flexibility to manage sample loads • Verbal and written communication skills • Willingness to understand how our instruments work • Recommendations from laboratory and executive staff
    SALARY: $40,000 - $55,000
    Please send a resume and a paragraph about yourself to Dr. Henry Benner (CEO) at hbenner@iondx.com and Ananya Dubey Kelsoe (Executive Director) at adubey@iondx.com