• IonDX Inc., has focused on characterizing various classes of biotherapeutics. Our technology is used to investigate the higher order structure of proteins, nucleic acids and emerging classes of biological modalities. The majority of higher order structural analytics rely on indirect biophysical techniques because x-ray crystallography is not easily implemented in biotherapeutic workflows and many other biologically manufactured products have never been crystallized. A well-recognized technical challenge is to screen and fingerprint macromolecular structures more rapidly. IonDX’s IMgenius™​ System utilizes atmospheric pressure ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) to screen complex structures.


    IMgenius™​- A Smart Ion Mobility Bench Top Analytical System


    Our patented spectrometer simultaneously measures five important attributes of biotherapeutics:

    • Size distribution

    • Structural heterogeneity

    • Stability

    • Comparability

    • Purity

    The fast (5-10mins) analysis time and small footprint of our bench-top technology allow it to be utilized routinely throughout all stages of bioprocessing, including process monitoring. IonDX's system, being amenable to automation, will fit into typical biotherapeutic high-throughput workflows, thus reducing time and effort to bring products to market.


    Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to postpone our official launch of IMgeniusto CASSS WCBP Conference on Jan 25-27, 2022! However, IMgenius systems are in production and available for sale today. The IonDX team is actively engaging scientists across biopharma industry. The company has initiated an early access program for purchase prior to official release. For a sneak peak, system demo, technology discussion or evaluation of the system, please contact info@iondx.com