Enabling a New Level of Ion Mobility Intelligence

    IonDX provides next-generation ion mobility technology to analyze biologic drugs from glycoproteins and CRISPR-Cas to mRNA and lipid nanoparticles

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  • IMgenius

    Accelerating the next generation of biologic drugs


    Applies to a wide range of biologics

    Soft ionization conditions allow native conformations of biomacromolecules to be studied, e.g., non-covalent protein complexes, high molecular weight aggregates, mRNA, glycoproteins, CRISPR-Cas, virus particles, lipid nanoparticles


    Fits easily into your lab

    IonDX’s patented ion mobility technology provides powerful analytical characterization in a very compact benchtop design.

    Ion Mobility

    Operates at atmospheric pressure

    IMgenius determines the mobility of a population of molecular ions as they travel through a gas under the influence of an electric field. Small ions have higher mobility than larger ions because they experience less drag as they travel through a gas.

  • IonDX IMgenius Tech Note

    Check out our Tech Note on the IMgenius instrument