• Enabling a New Level of Ion Mobility Intelligence


    IonDXInc., based in Monterey, CA is commercializing an advanced system to analyze biologic drugs. The current biotherapeutic development cost is extremely high, >$2.5B and 8-10 years to introduce one of these drugs into the market. Our technology aims to improve analytical quality and reduce this cost by implementing a highly informative, fast, and reproducible assay. Our patented ion mobility spectrometers can simultaneously measure five important attributes of protein-based drugs: drug concentration, purity, stability and structural conformation of these molecules. We produce quantitative and correlative measurement in <5 minutes with our bench-top instrument. The short time range is rapid enough to introduce it in bioprocess environment where other technologies are too slow and unreliable. IonDX’s technology, being amenable to other analytical interfaces and automation, can fit into typical biotherapeutic high-throughput workflows, providing unique capability to reduce time and effort to bring a biotherapeutic to market.



    NSF’s SBIR Phase II awarded to IonDX on Sept 10, 2019 in support of ongoing development of our ion mobility spectrometer for macromolecular analysis.



    NSF SBIR Phase I awarded to IonDX for our next-generation stand-alone electrospray ion mobility spectrometer.

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    Your Electrospray Ion Mobility Experts

    Decades of experience including development of a medical diagnostic test based on Electrospray Ion Mobility. We are ready for your analytical challenge.



    Higher Order Structure Analysis

    IonDx provides analytical instrumentation and services for electrospray ion mobility of singly charged protein ions. You get non-distorted higher order structure characterization of your proteins, nanoparticles, or even exosomes.

    Expand Your Totality of Evidence

    IonDX's biomolecule comparability studies give you the biophysical fingerprint you need for your biotherapeutic drug