IonDX Appoints Life Sciences Industry Leader Luis Carbonell

as Chief Executive Officer

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Monterey, CA, Dec 18, 2023 - IonDX, a life sciences instrumentation company, is pleased to announce the
appointment of Mr. Luis Carbonell as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

Mr. Carbonell is a seasoned life sciences industry executive with a broad range of experiences
encompassing research tools, clinical diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals. He has navigated small companies through their earliest stages (pre-incorporation and seedfunding), as well as led large international expansion projects for multi-billion-dollar corporations. He steered MagArray (a Stanford University spinout) through the commercialization of a lung cancer diagnostic test based on its proprietary magneto-biosensor technology. He guided BioStinger (a UC Santa Cruz spinout) through the commercial development of a novel nanopipette technology for single cell analysis.

"I am honored to join such a talented team. IonDX has developed amazing applications for ion mobility that
are poised to make a significant impact in the life sciences field, and I am excited to become a part of it.”, said Mr. Luis Carbonell.

“IonDX has been a small R&D company and with Mr. Carbonell’s leadership we will become a
full-fledged scientific instrument company. Just watch.” said Dr. Henry Benner, Founder of IonDX.

With an impressive track record of taking early-stage companies through successful growth stages, Mr.
Carbonell’s expertise will undoubtedly help IonDX reach an era of new achievements.

About IonDX:
IonDX is an early-stage instrumentation company that is developing innovative analytical tools and
workflows to accelerate drug discovery. The company is revolutionizing ion-mobility based screening and structural understanding of biological drugs.
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For media inquiries or more information about IonDX, please contact:
Ananya Dubey Kelsoe
Vice President, Business and Strategy